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BIO: I was born in 1981. I live in Hungary. In 1987 my dad wanted me to enroll in a music school but the school rejected me. What would have been if they pick up me? The next station is 1995 when I started to listen to popular genres like hip-hop, pop etc.Then l switched to electronic dance musics like techno, drum and bass, house, trance 1998-2002. My father ran a music store 1983-2000. He had never heard avant-garde music in his life, but even in his wildest dreams he would not have thought such music existed at all. And me? I had 3 sources. I read a music book that did not cover these genres but mentioned 1-2 avant-garde composers. A foundation was created in Hungary to organize concerts in Hungary. That was in 2001. Or rather l went to a record store who traded very few experimental and ambient records. I took these home and had the label’s website (Mille Plateaux) on the cover. Then I looked at and got to know Gas, Sturm, Terre Thaemlitz, John Cage, La Monte Young, Robert Babicz and so on.

That was in 2002. After 2002 I got to know all the other musicians and genres from the internet. I studied information technology and desktop publishing. I learned to play on violin on piano on synthesizer for a while. But I wasn't persistent enough.That's why I gave up the learning. Even so I compose experimental music since 2004, and I am constantly getting to know this genre since then, because from year to year this music makes so many new impressions on me. I am a music collector in the following genres:
experimental, ambient, dark ambient, noise, industrial, free-jazz, modern classical, Berlin-school, dungeon synth, minimal, drone, art rock. I like movies as well, l think some music what l composed it could be a movie soundtrack. I used to play chess. I think music and chess are different forms of self expression, and both of these activities can show the composer's personality. I stayed next to unconventional musics because for me these musics are completely free and limitless! In my music I use software synthesizers and other unspecified composing method, which has more to do with philosophy and the specific solutions than as traditional music composing. I got 3 projects; an experimental, a dark ambient/drone, and the third I really don't know what genre I should be in, listen and decide for yourself; another electonic music project with sequences maybe Berlin-school. Project names: Szentpétery Csaba, Enoch's vision, Lincoln Woods.

In Hungary it is rare if somebody know such music, even more if listen to, and more rarer if compose!

In Hungary was never sold such musics; cd, cs or vinyls. After 2000 almost nobody buy music (because of free net music).

There were only 1-2 exception like academic electronic music from hungarian modern classical composers in 1970's, 1980's +1-2 exp, industrial band in the 1990's.

I use pro photograhper's pictures for my album covers. There are lots of hungarian, 2 personal and foreign pictures. I process lots of theme what I'm interested. E.g. Bible, philosophy, personal stories. I made albums w/ Zan Hoffman and Jan M Iversen as well. I am bedroom musician. I never went to stage. So this remained me as hobby. But I enjoyed the whole process. Primarily the North-American, Western-Europe and Japanese musics affects me. My son is David. He was born in 2016. My daughter is Hannah (She's just imaginary).

I believe in God though I find it difficult to keep the Ten Commandments. I like protestantism. I am against drugs, esotericism and crime.

I use wintel pc in my studio. I am absolute wintel fan! I tried to trade with my music but it did not work. I sent demo to many big label but they did not patron me. I used bandcamp. I resigned trying. My only goal is to get as many people as possible to download my music.

I wanted to promote unusual genres in Hungary, but the result is yet to be achieved.

Unfortunately in this area where I live no one listens to such music. Occasionally there is only concert in the capital. I’ve always admired the iron synths, but I’ve never had money for it and no one writes good music because of the gear. I am human-minded. I love to read too. I'm rational. I'm not credulous. My political view is left-sided.

I put my all albums with links. Go and dl and enjoy then spread!

 Contact: szcsaba101@gmail.com